About Us


At Four Legs Barking we strive to provide a healthy alternative for your dog's treats. Reading the numerous stories of offshore companies producing unhealthy products for our pets challenged us to create healthy, natural treats for our dogs and their friends. One day after bringing home another box of dog treats from the store and reading the list of ingredients, full of fillers and preservatives, we decided to bake our own treats and carefully and lovingly choose every ingredient that goes into them. We use our lifetime love of dogs and cooking to create a delicious, nutritious and all natural line of dog treats.

After baking our way through many days and nights of trial and error we perfected our delicious wholesome recipes. And since we use all natural ingredients we even taste test them ourselves, along with our professional fussy focus group consisting of Josie and her neighborhood friends. We are now dehydrating our treats to ensure a long shelf life without the need to refrigerate. Enjoy your Four Legs Barking, all natural dog treats, they are double lick smacking good!!

At Four Legs Barking our motto is  "if you're gonna treat'em ...treat'em right! "

Send us your favorite Doggie photo to post on our facebook page  and the upcoming page on this website, "Josie's Celebrity Dog Pound"  featuring photo's of all her new friends. Check back here when visiting Four Legs Barking for new products, and new locations.

Our accessory page is up and running with custom hand crafted, ergonomic dog feeders. Look for more unique items arriving soon.

We thank you for your business and look forward to hearing from you with your comments and suggestions.


Keep Howling At The Moon...

Ed & Kate Fry